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July 28, 2012 / quicklychat

Always Busy

“I’m never not busy at work.”

“There’s never a good time for someone to interrupt me.”

“Interruptions just keep me from getting any work done. I can only get work done once everyone else goes home.”

We hear that a lot. And it’s true. If you’re working seriously, you’re never actually sitting at your desk twiddling your thumbs, playing games, or checking Facebook.

But communicating with your coworkers is an essential element of any modern workplace. Like it or not, people need to talk to you, and if you’re busy all day, that means interrupting you. And odds are, the more interruptions you face over the course of your workday, the more important they are to your job.

Some people avoid interruptions by scheduling meetings or phone calls, but that doesn’t really solve the problem. An interruption might cause you to lose a few minutes of productivity as you deal with changing context, but a scheduled event definitely will.  Meetings are a huge drain on productivity.

Over the course of your day, there might never be a good time to be interrupted. But in any given hour, there are bad times to be interrupted, and there are terrible times to be interrupted. Your coworkers need to talk to you, and if there’s not a good time, we want to make sure your conversations happen at a bad time, rather than a terrible time. That’s the idea behind QuicklyChat’s SmartStatus feature. It’s still pretty rudimentary at this point, but as it learns how people work, it will get better at detecting what’s a good time to talk.

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