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August 2, 2012 / quicklychat

Multi-user video walkie talkie and more

We’re happy to announce the release of QuicklyChat v. 0.7!  In our quest to make communicating with your coworkers as frictionless as possible, we’ve added a couple of new features to our earlier push-to-talk video walkie talkie.

First we’ve added multi-user chat. In the office, as two people have a discussion, they often realize that input from a third coworker would be invaluable. If you’re talking on QuicklyChat, you can easily check your coworker’s SmartStatus, and bring her into the conversation if she’s available. Just double-click her name on your buddy list. Impromptu meetings are routine in the office, and at QuicklyChat, we believe they should be routine in the virtual office, as well.

Second, we’ve added hot keys. When you’re at your desk and want to talk to the person sitting next to you, often times you don’t even look up from your computer. If you have a question about particular clause in a paragraph, a calculation in a spreadsheet, or a snippet of code, you might just say something like, “Hey, Sam, what’s up with line 117?” without ever taking your eyes off the section you’re focused on. In the virtual office, you should also be able to talk to someone without looking up from what you’re doing, so we’ve added hot keys: if you’ve already talked to someone, you can just press ctrl-shift-1 to start chatting with that person again. Also, when you’re in a chat, ctrl-shift-1 will exit the chat.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve also improved our video quality, connection speed, and ease of use.  Try it out, or learn more about QuicklyChat.  And be sure to let us know what you think.

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